Chaotic July

Its been a while.... I was thinking a lot, I felt worried but I couldn't find time to write. 

Dzikiring Asma-Al Husna calms me down. Complete faith keeps me feel secure.

Work was hectic, suddenly, I am being CC-ed in every major email at work, thus, the mind is fine tuning to such a life, bigger responsibilities and definitely, scared stiff of it still. *deep breaths*

My life was turned a little bit chaotic for a moment... feelings of disappointment, happiness, thankful and overwhelmed engulfed me last week....

Alhamdulllah, Thank you Allah, you have presented me with a promotion at work. I don't think I deserve to be anything more than a Senior but You have presented it to me and there must be a wisdom in this. 

Thank you Boss for believing in me....believing that I was the right person for this....Thank you to those who hated my promotion and was disappointed in it and told me I DON'T deserve it. You guys make me want to work harder to proof myself ....and to be humble and patient ..... I am really sorry to those who was in line for this role but did not get it. I don't have an answer to this except everything comes with the Will of GOD and has a wisdom behind it.

My first major promotion..Ya Allah..... I never expected it to turned out the way it did, but alhamdullilah non the less.... I am grateful and I am scared. So, I am leaning to Allah to help me every morning before I go to work, I pray hard that I CAN lead the team well. I am closer to GOD because of my role now. So there is nothing else to say except ......Alhamdullilah.

The night of Nisfu Syaaban was really special. I had to attend a meeting after work at 6.30pm and I didn't have a clue of the ending time as the agenda was long. So, I made intention for me not to miss Magrib and that I could go to the mosque. If I couldn't, I was prepared to niat Magrib in Isyak and not want to be upset about it. Alhamdullilah, meeting ended at 8pm, within a jiffy I reached  Maqam Habib Nuh which is behind my office to solat magrib, read the yasin, listen to some tazkirah and do Isyak Jemaah. 

Kids and hubby also came to the mosque, and we spend some time there and left for home after the small feast. 
Alhamdullilah ......Thank You Allah again for allowing me to work and do Ibadah at the same time. I do not want to every forget you dear GOD. 

Life is really full of ups and downs... I had a great time with Abang watching Spiderman 3D. He definitely enjoyed it and we love the quality time w/o Adik. And when my kids are happy, so am I....

Lastly,............. I am praying hard for my mum.. Its her 58th birthday today.. but she is not well... comes next Tuesday she will be warded to SGH because her dialysis veins are not working again due to the inexperience  foreign nurse who injected the wrong veins many times,  thus making her hand blue black and swollen, not to mention the amount of blood lost due to the big holes in her hands.
She refused to be admitted today because its her birthday... so....I cant do anything... I am keeping calm...Earliest appointment  with DR Shangkar is Next tuesday, 11am.

I have to compose myself, in order to be a person with Iman. I have to learn composure, and tawakkal to the Al Mighty...

Its been a chaotic July but Ramadhan is coming.... I pray that my love ones, and all muslimin and muslimats reap in the blessings of the holy month..



KakSri said…
Salam Shahnaz,congratulations to you!Your hardwork was noticed and Allah knows best alhamdulillah!hugs :)

Allahu yashfik.Semoga your mom dikurniakan kesabaran dan kesihatan yg terbaik amin.Happy Birthday to yr mom too!Hang in there sis.You're on yr way to bigger n better things insyaAllah.Allah swt plans best n may Allah bless you with the bests..amin.
The woman said…
Salams Shanaz...

Whatever I had in mind, sister Sri, the comment above has mentioned it all. So yes.. With Allah's rahmat and mukhizat Rasulullah wishing you all the good things in life..

Have a pleasant week ahead. <3
Ummi Sha said…
Salaams beautiful sisters.... Syukran jazallilan for your comments. Appreciate much
Alhamdulilah... Really blessed to know the both of you thru blogging....
May Allah bless your lives with much more.... AMIIN. :-)