Ramadhan 2012

Its the 9th day of Ramadhan.

There seems to be a lack of motivation to be "holy". Probably because the kids has been rather active and I'm quite tired at work.....I am trying to take each day with a step and doing what best I can.

May Allah forgive me. 

Alhamdullilah, things are OK. Amidst rushing home from work to break my fast with the family, I am also trying to do more Ibadah at home after dinner.

Hubby still maintains Terawih prayers at his favourite mosque. Masjid Abdul Razak. While he goes for Terawih, I ensure my kids and helper are all cleaned up and we will sit and pray together. Ofter, we recite Ratib Alhadad to make up for 'what' we lost at the mosque.

The kids can be a handful at times. They cant sit and pray for long.
Sometimes in order to get some silence when I pray, I allow Abang to watch his cartoon DVDs. Than me and the helper will pray together. Adik will sit around us reading her books or drink her milk.

I'm thinking of asking hubby to bring Abang for Terawih prayers. At least, even if he is playing with the boys, there, he will be in the company of  many many angels in the mosque compounds.

Ive not done alot of Quranic reading this time. Body feels lethargic. But I have time. I will start today. Insya'allah.

Happy to say that the bulk of Hari Raya shopping is done.

Our 1st day clothes are ready. I bought them yesterday. Adik chose a colour, bandung Pink, and me and Abang just had to find the same matching colour, which we have...Alhamdullilah. No need to walk around looking anymore. Hubby as usual will wear a white Jubah on the first day. So he does not have to wear pink and I'm sure he is relieved!

I wont be buying any curtains as the house is fitted with blinds. *Saves Money*

I have new bedsheets, waiting to be put on during Eid.

I've ordered the necessary kuehs. Not much, I don't want to waste. More crackers actually.

I might be going to the bazaar the last minute to buy some flowers. It will be cheaper that way.

Bags and shoes can be recycled. No need for new ones.

Kids have their clothes, dresses and shirts which are rather new, from a reason wedding, so that's settled. Abang just need a black songkok, he wants a brooch with it. And to my surprise, he asked for Kain Sampeng this year! I'm impressed! My boy dah besar eh..... and will sure look for a simple one for him : )

We will just need to change the notes for duit raya and get the car polish for the festival. We don't want to forget our trusted Fit. He has been a great help to us. 

The kids tried their Baju raya yesterday. They were so excited and giggly. At first Abang wanted blue. But I managed to convince him that he looks good in pink! so he bought the idea. Thank GOD!.....
I always love it when we can wear the same colour on the 1st day of Eid. The same colour gives a sense of unity.....

: )