A Weekend has passed ...again....

Its been a fruitful weekend, again many errands were run, Abang had his swimming lessons again, and I did my normal marketing at my favorite wet Market...

I might want to try Yoga, there is True Yoga which just opened really near my block, but I haven't got around in asking for the package price. 
As for now, Ive been going to Pasir Ris - Car park field, kicking some balls with hubby and the kids. 
I love the feeling of sweat coming out from my head, face and body. It's as if, I released those water retention in this chubby body of mine. 
I enjoy the feeling, of having to do what I like, and getting the kids involve in it as well. In this case, its exercise. I love the feeling of spending time with the kids and hubby without anyone in my way. I love the fact that I can be totallly crazy without having anyone judging me. 
My kids are my greatest supporters. They love me no matter who I am. They are innocent and pure. 

Masya'Allah.... I cant thank Allah enough for life simple pleasures. 

We came back from Port Dickson Avillion Water Chalet again, last 2 weeks. The place seems to aged since I last visited which was only 2 months ago, but the warmth and relaxed feeling was still there. The staff seemed abit tired. Probably, its nearly year end and they have been working hard. 
This time, we made a good friend on our trip. He is the owner of the restaurant that we frequented there. Not only did he act as our money changer, but he also gave us a free meal with dessert etc on the last day that we were there. He did'nt calculate much on our food cost as well...
Its so nice to meet nice and kind people you know. Really makes us want to be kind to others as well. 

Work has been busy. Busier that I've ever been. 
I look forward to the weekend. 
I know, I can't avoid Mondays. It will come anyway, but so will Saturday. 
I just want to be Positive. I just want to learn from those who are knowledgeable and I just want to improve my life, at the same time, maintain who I am, and who I want to be in life. 

: )

Abang sliding fast

Adik braves the slide as well

My kind of breakfast, lots of veggies and eggs

Stopping for Guava Juice and chendol at PD town

Very nice Chendol!

Lottsa rabbits in the pet farm, this time, Adik is braver.

The owner of Ijaz Corner who took care of our meals...