Its a new week, the weekend has passed so quickly as always.
Kids playing football at Pasir Ris.. a weekend routine

Abang had his usual swimming lessons at Tampines swimming Pool. He hated his coach for making him do 100 butterfly style with his legs. He didn’t do a hundred anyway when the Coach wasn’t looking.  Angry boy this week.

I drove the car alot, hubby was stuck with work and could not bring us on the usual errands. I wasnt focus enough , went up and down a curb, ribbed of the front tyre and scratch the bumper.

: ( needless to say, Hubby will make me pay for my mistake. Maybe.

I felt some regrets. I could have handled my kids better.  I could have handled the car better. I could have avoided us losing some money unnecessarily.

Life teaches us many things, most of the lessons are painful, yet we grow, positively and strongly.

I don’t know what phase I am in now. I am in my early 30s, working hard each week, at the same time, finding work life balance. I spend long hours in the office sometimes leaving the home at 7am and reaching home only at 7pm. That’s like 12 hours of being away from my kids.

Is this the price of success or a guaranteed comfortable retirement?

I am unsure. For now, I am certain the kids love to me with me and need me with them. Maybe this might change when they are in Primary school.

I have to be positive. I have to Tawakkal as being a SAHM is simply not an option right now.

Life seems to drag alot these days. I am going through each day one day at a time, trying to entertain the kids hunger for stories and activities.

I am struggling,

I am Learning,

I am Overcoming,

And I am Growing.

Yesterday night, demoralised at some of my actions, I left my kids at Magrib and walked to the mosque. I felt as if I needed to run to the mosque, throwing my forehead on the carpet and submitting my life to my Creator.

Allah! I need your Mercy and Guidance.

~....Moving on....~