Dental visit for the Kids!

Kids had their first visit to the Dentist...
I must say, they are lucky kids.....Alhamdullilah.
My parents never brought me to a "kids dentist" before.....Dentist in my days were scary, old, and boring.....even Hubby realised that. In our days, our parents wont spend money on our dental visits.
Kids enjoyed their visit, and learnt more about dental care....Dr OK spend alot of time orientating the kids and teaching them about oral hygiene. She also showed them the tools that she would be using to treat their teeth.
Alhamdullilah, both behaved and allowed the dentist to check their teeth.
Abang teeth were good, straight but growing inwards, not outwards... that may be a bit of a problem in future.
Adik on the other hand, had about 3 cavities that needed to be plastered.
All in all, great experience...... we might continue with Dr OK once a year.