Life ....May 2013.

The steps leading to Maqam Habib Nuh
Amongst my favourite place to be at in Singapore is Masjid Salleh (Palmer Road) where you can find the maqam of Awliya Habib Nuh Alhabshi.
Those who know me well would probably already know that I will visit the maqam, to make dua in presence of 'Wali Allah' Habib Nuh. I will ask that with the blessings of this holy being, that Allah swt grant my dua.
I often come to this place, either myself, with my kids or with my husband and at times, I will bring my mother.
Needless to say, my faith in being at this holy site grows stronger after a few of my dua was granted instantaneously and I could feel the blessings of  being at this place.
Last night, we made an impromptu visit to the Maqam as it was nearly Magrib and we were heading back from driving to NOL building near Alexander Road. Hubby suggested we go to Masjid Mydin for Magrib but I randomly suggested we head to the Maqam since our trusted FIT had passed the Masjid at ECP.
Hubby agreed and we drove passed the buildings of Shenton Way to reach the Masjid. A sense of Nostalgia hit me again since I used to work at AXA tower. Those days, I could easily visit the maqam during lunch hour.
As we arrived at the mosque, I could see many cars, amongst them 'MOW' convoy cars. I could hear some sermons from the loud speaker.
I brought the kids up to the praying site and Masya'allah I realised that Habib Ali Zainal Abidin was there and he would be staying till Isyak. Masya'Allah. I knew Hubby would be happy since we love to listen to Habib Ali's summons on You Tube or the TV but never met him personally before since he is from Malaysia.
Last night I also took the opportunity to bring the kids up to the maqam and made some much needed dua. I brought the kids to see the 'Haji' who sits next to the maqam. I told him "Haji, duakan anak saya......dia dah darjah satu tapi......."
He made dua for Abang. He mentioned if Abang gets better in school, than bring a bigger bottle to put next to the maqam. Insya'Allah.
I met a familiar sister whom I used to see during Zuhr prayers at the mosque. We salaam and she spoke to me for the first time. We spoke and I told her I wanted to bring my son to get some dua from the Habib. I told her abit about Abang and on the spot she asked for Abang's name and made dua for Abang. Tears rolled down my cheeks that a kind stranger could be concerned and make dua for this young boy. I thank her. May Allah Bless her for her concern and kindness. I didn't get her name, but her kindness I will remember.
Work has been better, although busy, I feel I am doing my best and Insya'Allah God will help me through. My life is now busy revolving around Abang's studies. Not that I want my son to be the best or am I a 'tiger mummy' but because Abang needs alot of help with his studies. Abang is trying but his attention span is rather short making it difficult for him to catch up. The teachers show their concerns and care, but I understand, they do have their frustrations and at times they take it out on Abang or even myself.
Sabar. Sabar. Sabar.
Life of a working mum is not easy yet I stay strong, focus and pray alot. No one knows what lies behind a smile. No one know unless you are are truly concern, genuinely.
I smile because I accept that this is a test from Allah swt. I cry in solitude because only Allah can give me the strength and help. I am thankful non the less because it could be worse........It could be worse.
I 'envy' my friends whose kids are doing well academically...effortlessly....but I do understand that everyone has their own set of challenges in life. If not this aspect, its the other. I am matured enough to understand that life in dunniya is a struggle for a beautiful afterlife.
I am thankful to be a Muslim. Alhamdullilah.
Insya'Allah. No time for hate or envy. Just getting by each day at a time, doing our best and ensuring the kids are brought up well.
That's life. Now.


KakSri said…
Salam Shahnaz :) Dah lama tak kesini hehee.Read about school life for Abang.Time flies once he starts school right :) In syaa Allah...he'll get the hang of school n studies better,one day at a time k.Try not to feel pressured by what his peers can already achieve n stuff...each child has his own pace ya and n P1 is a new phase.Prolly he is a visual learner.Banyak bersabar ya dik.*hugs*
Ummi Sha said…
Salaams Kak,

His school is rather competative and his teachers compare results and very worried about him.
They say there is no exams but there are test after every topic and each Test, parents have to sign and evaluate....
so how..haha..have to put alot of effort in this boy....

the woman said…
When my son was in primary school, I used to speak to my cousins or to my extended family members, mostly about my boy. It's always about him. Somehow or rather, I used to worry about him a lot. For the slightest things. Be it academic or otherwise.

So, when I read your entries, I kinda relate to it a lot. And often would think, "If I meet ummi, we would definitely have loads to talk about our sons" Hah.

But you know what.. like Kaksri said, each child has his own pace. Don't feel pressurize when it comes to education. You are giving your best as a mum. All you need to do now is, redha. In sya allah.

He'll grow up to be a fine boy. I'm sure. :)

And if you wanna know about my son.. hah.. I'd better not start. Lol. I can go on.. and on.. and on.. Hehe.

Have a lovely and blessed day ahead Shahnaz. :)

KakSri said…
Oh wow...hence your sentiments,This may sound inappropriate but at P1 with comparison of results n competitive in a child's first year in school...that is a bit too much kan :( In syaa Allah..he'll do fine in school ok Shahnaz at his comfy pace n pick up things if not now prolly later n bloom.Just keep his interest in learning in tact ok.Put aside school's expectations for a while n just enjoy the learning journey with him ya.
Ummi Sha said…
Thanks Ladies for the words of advise. Its funny, lots of ppl tell me not to worry, that my boy will pick up but his teachers are not like that..They tell me to worry and they tell me he will do worse if he does not pick up in Primary one etc etc...which mum wont worry kan..lagi he is my first born lagi....

But insya'allah I can see he is trying his best and I am pushing him. The rest I tawakkal....

Yes Im sure, If I meet Sis Sal or Kak Sri, I will sure have lots to talk abt..hehehhh.....

Love u loads sis.