Because He missed Me.

Abang came in my bedroom and asked me somethings..I cant remember what he was asking but I answered him.

He said OK and he left the room. He walked out looking lonely.

Ummi: Abang, Ummi Love you....

Abang: *kept walking*

Ummi: I love you Abang....

Abang : *went in his room*

Ummi: Abang, I love you....

Abang: He sat alone on his bed.

I felt sad that he did not respond. Could it be I have been too strict with him with all the school work and stuff?

**********************Next Day****************************
We were in the clinic. Waiting for our turn. Adik was not feeling well.
Abang: Ummi, I dreamt of you last night.
Ummi: *excited that Abang dreamt of me* Really? Why Me?
Abang: Because I miss you....
Some people heard our conversation and because to smile lovingly to Abang.....
I went Awwwww.....I miss you too Sayang. Hugged Abang and kissed him...

#Beautiful Memories....  :)