The Journey -Buttons

This morning, I saw Bibik putting on Abang's uniform for him. Its been like that since day one.

I stopped them and told Bibik to move away and let Abang wear his own uniform. I have to train him to be independant.

Abang struggled to wear his own uniform, but he did not give up. When it came to the buttons of his shirt, the Bibik laughed and said, " Ah ini Abang don't know"....

I decided to teach Abang its as if the button was a ball and he had to slot the ball in the hole which was the net. I went "ok Push the ball in the net and pull the ball into the net"

Each time, he successfully button 1 portion, I went "Goal!"

And he smiled shyly.......he loves football, so I bet, he enjoyed the anology.

Abang....Abang....slowly by surely....