The Journey... Interesting article on dealing with Hyperactive kids.

The phone call from the teacher came in today during my lunch break.... 3rd one in the week.
Masya'Allah.... My heart sank when I saw Mrs Lim's name on the screen of my mobile.
Abang got into trouble again.
*Sabar... Ya ' Allah, to you I seek solace and refuge.*
*Tenang...Ya'Allah, keep me Calm in going through this test*
Read an interesting article from facebook. Insya'Allah....May we benefit from it.

"I often hear mothers talking to me in hyperactive style, telling me how to handle their hyperactive kids. Few years back, we used to hear it as ADHD story, but now it has become a household problem. Most mothers feel their kids are becoming... more and more hyperactive. They feel helpless on settling them down.

Issues moms face:

Handling issues and complains from school
How to make them study at home, doing their Homework

Sit calmly when visiting as guests

Make such children cooperate with siblings\
Common mistakes made by moms for hyperactive kids:

 Expecting them to sit still using harsh discipline or threats

Trying to calm them using video games and cartoons

Not owning the responsibility to make few changes in environment and dealing methodology

Lack of patience to deal with children when they hyperactive (bad role modeling)

What needs to be done:

 First and foremost, you need to calm down. Don’t jump to conclusion that your kid is ending up with ADHD or will never get better.

Remember, the calmer you are, the more impact it will have on your kid to settle.

Read about age appropriate behavior of your child. Something he is doing, might be normal for his age, but since you not equipped to handle him, you categorized him as hyperactive child.

Keep check on what he eats. Hunger, junk, chocolates, sugary foods and fizzy drinks would make any kid hyperactive.

Ask yourself a question: Does my child get enough organized and focused physical activity? Or does he spend most of his at home in front of computer or TV?

What is the temperament of hyperactive kids like?
Talk a lot

Move a lot

Touch everything

Loose attention every few minutes

Do not follow instructions with consistency

Parenting style for Hyper active child:

Before you start focusing on child, focus on yourself as a parent.
Read about Prophets and Sahabah and acquire an attitude of Sabr to deal with each situation.

Draw strength for yourself from saying naffal, giving sadiqah and reciting all duas of wisdom and sabr, as dealing with an hyperactive child is no joke.

Set up a routine for the child, in which a lot of physical activity is added in appropriate intervals throughout the day.

Build attention span of the child using all material that interests child. Remember, you can only increase attention span gradually and that too by actively involving yourself with child in the activity.

Improve listening of Quran, as it helps in focus and cooling down.

Serve children healthy food and give ample sleep time too.

Drill rules of doing anything and appreciate when done well.

Role model a very serene and focused attitude in all aspects, so ultimately children follow you.


by Dr Kanwal