The Journey - Mother's Love

Dont you agree?
That no matter what, only you as the mother can understand how much you love your kids and why you love your kids...
Its the bond that a mother and her children have.
This the exact reason when some other looks at Abang is a different light, I don't.
No matter the tears, he will still be the sweet boy I know.
And I can never give up on my son.
I am thankful, he is healthy and active.
I am thankful. He can run, and play eventhough he is rough, he can still play.
I am thankful, Abang can walk on his own, eat on his own and bath on his own.
There are endless things to be thankful for when it comes to Abang alone despite the challenges.
Eventhough he is not independant for his age, as he is very dependant on adults,
he will be one day.
and I will always pray, that Abang will have a good future and be a good Muslim when he grows up.