The Journey..... Taare Zameen Par

A cousin recommended I watched this HINDI movie : - )

The movie is about a boy who couldn't read or write, very disobedient, naughty and hyper-active
and causing a lot of anger amongst the teachers in his school. He cannot focus in class, and have been failing his exams throughout.

His parents who couldn't not take the persistent complaints from the teachers and people around him, decided to ship send him off to Boarding School hoping, he will change his attitude and become a changed and good boy.

This boy could not even button his own shirt, always depending on his loving yet Stressed mother to help him around his daily activities.

(Sounds like Abang and Me? )

There, the boy grew even more lost, until, he was noticed by a teacher (the multi talented and dashing Aamir Khan) who cared to find out why the boy behaved in such a way. (Masya'Allah)......

The story leads us to go through deeper reasons and parent-child relationship, husband-wife relationship, teacher-student relationship and the true essence of teaching and caring.

Eventually, the teacher helped the boy in overcoming his obstacles, and he was able to read, write and shine through his art skills which no one ever knew existed.. !

This charming yet naughty boy, had Dyslexia.

.........And his condition went un-noticed till someone who actually CARED came along....


In so many ways, the boy in this story is Abang.
He is rude, he is a loner, he cannot focus in class but he loves his parents and depended a lot on them. He is Sweet.

I.... am his mother, loving, protective, STRESSED but the difference is I am not passive and would like to find out why my son behaves this way.

The father in the movie....., reminded me so much of my husband.
Dear Hubby cannot tolerate Abang's rudeness, inability to behave and hyper activeness. He often brush it off as plain ATTITUDE problem yet not wanting to spend more time figuring out why Abang is like this.

Does Abang need our help? Does he need additional counselling?

Truth is, it is an uphill battle with Abang and if anyone truly cared, it would take a lot of Patience, Love, Hardwork, Tears and Effort to change this cute yet unruly boy.

I am spending a lot of effort talking to Dear Hubby.

I print stuff from the Internet and place it in between his wallet. I email him stuff on ADHD and I communicate more than ever just so he knows, I cannot be alone in This Journey.

Alhamdullilah, God has opened hubby's heart to want to get closer to his son, explore more ways we can handle his teacher's complaints and just being a good listening ear to my rants.....

Abang does not have Dyslexia, and he is NOT diagnosed with ADD/ADHD yet.
Insya'Allah in time to come, I will find out the reason. I pray that Allah Ar Rahman, can send down his miracles and blessings and change Abang in a way, I have been praying for.

Rezeki..... Anak-Anak in Cubaan dan juga Rezeki.
Semoga Anak Anakku menjadi Rezeki buat diriku, lebih dari apa yang aku Sangkakan.....