The Journey....The breakdown

It was extreamly hard for me last night.

1. Abang took nearly 1 hours to just write 5 sentences.
2. News from my helper's family is that they need her to come home for good next month. 

I broke down again. Sat at a corner and cried my hearts out. The last time I cried this bad about 8 years back.  

Felt better after crying and I realised the person I so depended on did not come to me to stop me or to check if I was OK.

I am on my own with only Allah as my saviour.

I managed to get in a touch with a student from a Madrasah in Surabaya. He is my helper's brother and known to treat children who do not want to study or behave. He shared with me some "amalan" that I can do for my son.

Insya'Allah, I will try it out.... May Allah bless my efforts.