The Journey...Down

Its Tuesday night.....

It has been 2 days in a row this week that Abang refused to do his work on his own in the classroom. Mrs Lim called me again just now.

He expects his teacher to be at his back and call and to personally guide him. If his teacher refuses, he will shout for his classmates to be beside him to coach him and tell him.

Today, not only did Abang refuse to do his work, he was also rude to the teacher and she went up the roof. I understand.

I have countlessly told Abang to try and to do his work on his own, so have the teachers around him. But he will refuse. He can go 1 hour in his class sitting and doing nothing because he do not want to do it on his own. He expects someone to be there to guide him all the time. But his teacher has 30 other kids to guide too.

At home, I cannot spend much time with Adik because without me facing Abang, his homework will not be done. Initially, I thought he needs all the guidance but its been 9 months since Abang started primary one and I find that he has to be independent.

Tell me what else can I do? I have tried scolding, shouting, crying and beating. I caned Abang at his legs with the cane or sometimes scare him with the cane, but it is just a temporary measure and he will again be totally dependant again the next day.

My whole body feels as if it has been bashed up. I am in pain. I am down.