The Journey...Dear Shaz,

A dear friend wrote some encouragement words to me.
Her words meant alot. I have been feeling so alone the last few days.
This is for my own encouragement and to anyone who is going through my road as well. 


Dear Shaz,

I read through some of your entries. I understand what you are going through..
but you have to hold on.

Even if the world is not supporting you or your son, remember that God will never test you beyond what you can bear.
This path is set for you and your son for a purpose.

I am not in your shoes but when I think of you, I can understand the pain and hurt you must be going through personally as well. I am worried for your personal relationship as well.

If your hubby is not facing the situation as you want, don't blame him. My dad never understood why my mum insisted on taking my elder bro to a special sch. But your son is not a special need boy.he is just very hyper and distracted.

Till then as women, we can only be the patient one. maybe you could try out punishments instead?
nevertheless, there will a solution, and you will cross this bridge.

Don't feel victimised as well because one day you are going to advise parents who could be faced with this same issue. The solution will come to you.

Try your best to be cool headed and positive.

When you need to take a break, take a break. give yourself timeout.
And don't ever think that this is your fault.

Nothing  is in our hands.