The Journey...I Not Stupid

Lots of times, when Abang fails his test, I will scold him and wonder what is wrong with my son....

At times I wonder if his brains are working well. There are 'talks' going around with his teahers  in school that Abang might Learning Disability (LD)

But at the bottom of my heart, I know my son is intelligent. He can hold conversations with adults better most kids can. During Eid visiting, the adults will always talk to him and he will entertain them with his stories. Compared to his sister who is shy, Abang likes to mingle with relatives.
Today, he proved to me that he IS smarter than me!

We were at Long John's Silver deciding what to have for lunch when the table we were seated at was not cleared of the trays. We waited for a long time for our table to be cleared so that I can ordered the food, but the place was packed, and I didn't even see an cleaner going around clearing table.

Ummi: How about we go across to Texas Chicken? It does looks empty and clean over there. (While I look across the shops over to Texas Chicken)
Abang: Ok Ummi ..Can Can!....(excited)
Ummi: Hmmm but what do they sell over there?? (looking across Texas Chicken with my fingers tapping my chin, since I have never eaten at Texas Chicken)
Abang: (loudly)...Texas Chicken sells Chicken lah Ummi....Ummi....Ummi (he frowned and shake his head while he said it innocently but loudly.
Ummi: :/ (Oops why didn't I think of that? )
The diners over at the next table heard our conversation and laughed and they commented "smart boy" lah....
Morale of the story: Abang is smart. I just need a lot of patience to encourage him to enjoy studying.....