The Journey...Marha Marha!

Alhamdullilah, All Praise to Allah.

I am thankful. God eased my worries and send some rainbow over my sadness.

I am thankful, that God answered our prayers. I do not know how long this change will last in Abang, or it is a start to something better, but I am elated that Abang has shown some kind of improvement.

I made alot of dua (prayers), and so did many other people, be it I know or I don't. Alot of people care for Abang, as much as there are other who loath him.
Allah, the Merciful, must have granted our prayers. Thank you to those who encouraged me on. You know who you are. May Allah bless you all.

Since the opening of Term 4, Abang somehow behaved in school.
His teacher changed the class seating position, so he longer sits right in front and nearest to the teacher. She also made him a group leader.

He came back happy, beaming of his new 'Title" and told me he enjoys collecting his classmates books. He has to finish his work, as he is the leader.
Somehow, my boy got a little confident and I encouraged the joy!

Masya'Allah. Glory to Allah.

We are so proud of Abang, though it might mean very small to some, to us, it a a big leap in his learning milestone. We bought him 2 Authentic Manchester United Jerseys and 1 Liverpool Jersey. We had so much fun Jersey shopping at Peninsula.
I can never forget how he told his Abah in the car that Abang is the World's Best Dad!

hahah.. kids yar.....

Abang used to hate school but not anymore. And I am hoping this new found confident in him will last.

At term 4 of Primary One, Abang can already read. Alhamdullilah.

Marha Marha! Cheers.

Insya'Allah. God Willing. May this be the start of something bright for Abang.

Amiin. May Allah Grant my Dua.