The Journey...Encouragement

Brave Mommy?
Tough cookie Mommy?
Alhamdullilah.....some acknowledgment from Abang's Cikgu.
I am not the sort who wants praise or acknowledgment. I guess I do things because I have to and because I care too much for Abang. The more he challenges me, the more my prayers are for him.
All I need is support, understanding and encouragment.
At times I do feel I am alone in this journey.... It is not easy to have a kid who does badly in school. It is not easy to face the teachers.
But messages like this from Abang's teachers do tell me that there are others who understands, others who know it is not easy and they understand the stress that I face as a working mommy who comes home and needs to ensure her son's homework gets done and that he is at least aware of his subject matters.
At this moment of time, I DO NOT expect Abang to be a top A student but I do want him to behave in school and pay attention when the teacher is teaching. At least in that way, even if he is not a good student academically, he wont be a problematic student to the teachers.
I do think of what the teachers go through as his teachers, but I also wants fairness in attention given to Abang.
So far, I must acknowledge his teachers do try their best with him especially his cikgu who wants to see him succeed.
I guess with Adik, things will be different. Adik wants to study and loves to learn new things. Expectations will be different with Adik than with Abang.
Not forgetting all this chase on Duniyawi, I also hope my kids grow up to be pious and Successful Muslims who can help our community, and be filial children.....when I am old, I want my kids to love me like how I loved them. Masya'Allah.....
A mommy....what else gives her happiness?
Its not the Spa, the holidays and the Branded Bags and clothes. These happiness dont last.
It is everlasting happiness within the family, the level of Taqwa and Iman her children and husband has and the blessings that Allah swt gives that she is looking for.
I am touched by the message and it drives me to continue with the quest to guide Abang. Insya'Allah .....when we put effort, when we want a change, God will help us.
Usaha, berdoa, Tawakkal.
Effort, Pray, and leave the rest to GOD.