The Journey...I felt like Bursting.

I thought I would be strong enough to hear the truth from the DR.
Hubby was not with me for our 1st appoint at CGC.
I told Hubby not to go as he has a meeting.

“Its Ok dear, I am on leave so I can handle it. You concentrate on your work.”

Boy was I wrong. When the DR spoke to me about Abang’s condition and most importantly the stuff about the medicine and its side effects,  I was dying inside and if I did not control it well, I swear I could have bawled my eyes out in front of the Dr.

“Dr, is it a stigma for my son to have ADHD?”
It is very common to have ADHD in Singapore. 1 out of 20 kids have ADHD here. The Dr shared that his patients have grown to be Doctors, Lawyers and Teacher. My oldest patient at the moment still on Retalin is a 28 year old Teacher, he said.

Anyway, we will have to go for more follow up. It might not even be ADHD but Learning Disability. It might be both.
ADHD cannot be diagnosed on the 1st appointment. It does not have a clear signs like rashes or fever. It only has symptoms and thats how the Drs can detect if the child has ADHD or not.

ADHD will eventually leave his body as he grows. Some symptoms like forgetfullness might remain but most will leave.

There is an IQ test to do and a computer test for Abang to do and than end December, I will see the DR again and we will see how it  is from there......

 “Verily with every hardship, there is Relief”