The Spa Secret, Batam Trip...

It has been a Tiring 2013. With Abang and his school work, work stress and Maid 'dramas', I feel as if life was tiring and the routine was the same over and over again like a wheel turning, and there is no end to the routine. Some days are happy, yet some are emotional.
The trip to Batam for SPA treatment was the first for me. I wanted to get away for awhile, since my old maid has returned to work for me and can handle the kids.
My mum also volunteer to have the kids at her place while I go off for a 2day 1night getaway.
Hubby was understanding of this trip.
I stayed in THE HILLS,Batam hotel which was a crummy 3 star hotel, at SGD$60 a room per night. Booked from
Shared the room with my sister in law so I only paid about only SGD$30 for the night stay. Nothing fantastic but we only used the room for sleeping, so it was all right. Don't expect anything fancy.
Bathroom was worn down, but usable. The TV had loads of cable channel. Nothing creepy about this hotel. We slept soundly through the night.
Breakfast was edible..nothing fantastic....

Bought it on Groupon for SGD$38.00. Wavemaster. On Time and not delayed.
We went to The SPA Secret just next to the hotel. The spa is a  3 storey of the building and the interiors were calming and had a small coffee house in case you are hungry. We ordered toast before our SPA Treatment. Staff were respectful and treated customers with most respect.
I took the Traditional SPA Treatment which is around SGD$78.
The 2.5hr Treatment consist of:
  • footbath
  • Massage
  • Lulur Scrub
  • Steam Bath
  • Yoghurt wrap
  • Jacuzzi Bubble Bath
  • Lotion rub
After the pampering session, I felt so rejuvenated and womanly. It's seldom that I am away from the kids, and more seldom that I enter a SPA.
I immediately booked a Facial for a 5pm slot Facial was really good but Painful since I had loads of Backheads. My nose is now sooo clean now. Haha....Best!. Facial was a 1hr treatment at about $33.
The Ambiance at Spa Secret was calming and soothing with tradisional piped in music. They have a whole range of SPA treatments, massage, facials, reflexology, hair treatment and manicure/pedicure. Its the whole works at this SPA.
Remember to give the Spa therapist some tips as it seems they expect it. The amount is entirely up to you.
Across the road from the hotel and Spa was Nagoya Hill Shopping centre where there are loads of shops selling  clothes, bags, and beauty products. There are loads of restaurants, cafes and fast food joints. And the best was the supermarket where I shopped on sauces, Indonesians herbal drinks and Mustika Ratu beauty cosmetics......Affordable and so exciting to shop there.
I feel so thankful that God has allowed me to go on this trip. Nothing is possible without the will of Allah and I am more thankful than ever and raring to be a better wife and mother.
May Allah help me in the days, months and years to come. I wish to retire happy, grow old gracefully and live life as a devoted Muslim, contented with the behaviours of my children.
May Allah swt, the Best Listener, Grant my Prayers. Amiin.  


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