The Journey... Dear Abang...

Dear Abang
If one day, you read this my son.... do know that your Ummi loves you very much.
The most important for Ummi is that you turn into a righteous, steadfast, wise and happy man.
Lead a positive life.
Leave what is Haram.
Seek God's pleasure.
Work hard, enjoy life, treat your family well.  
Remember God and Rasullulah at all times. Pray. Zikir. Selawat.
Life will be a struggle but you can succeed with hard work and being earnest and truthful.
Lots of love....
I kept thinking about my last entry....
No, I don't think my son is special needs. It does not feel right to say that.
I'm am NOT the mother to a special needs boy.
My son has A.D.H.D
Abang is impulsive, active and has trouble focusing for long.
He is good in Malay and English but fails in Maths.
He can be independent, he can go out on his own and he can go to the toilet on his own. He has his own ideas and now wants white teeth like the actors he sees on TV.
He loves soccer and can memorise the history of his favourite soccer clubs.
He Hates to prays and do anything that has too much physical activities~ except soccer or swimming.
Abang can talk normally, at times he has his own language. Its sounds like the language of the trolls.
Abang likes to scream out of the blue, at times he can be silent.
Abang loves to swim and he swims very well.
Abang cant play in groups as he does not get along well with other kids who are as loud as him.
Abang can be friends with soft and quiet boys. Boys who like to give in to Abang. Boys who enjoy Abang loudness. Boys who do not want to share the Limelight.
There are so many web pages that I am reading now on ADHD. Its actually nice to read what some mummies go through...similar to what I am facing.
I am staying positive. The most important is I must keep encouraging Abang. He must know that his Ummi is always there to support Abang.