Do Good Deeds but Dont expect Anything In Return.

she walked passed me
as if, she don't know me.
Felt the hurt, for when she needed my help,
I was there for her.
When she needed my help, oh how good she would be to me.
and this happens time and time again.
exactly......and I was hurt.....she is non other than my own ........
an advise came to me....from who else, but my advisor when I am down.
Hubby said:
The reason why you feel hurt is because you expect something for being good.
When you expect something, you will be utterly disappointed.
Do good deeds without expecting anything in return. Allah will than reward you in ways you cannot imagine, maybe in the form of giving you good pious children.
For that, I nodded and I knew Allah swt wanted me to learn this lesson.