The Journey - Things people Say


A few days back, as I was sitting in a cafe, sharing waffles and ice cream with 2 of my acquaintances, we talked about life’s challenges. One conversation led to another and somehow, I told them about how I am tested with a son who has ADHD.

One of the ladies, than passed a remarks if I was sure my son had ADHD or am I just being Over dramatic. 
She also mentioned that there might be nothing wrong with my son, and ADHD was just want I wanted him to have, a convenient excuse for his indiscipline behaviour. 
It hurts me when I receive such comments. Which mother would be sick enough to self-label her son with ADHD?
Which mother wants her son to have this condition?

...................I then told her, that I didn’t diagnosed him but the clinic. I also explain that ADHD, unlike normal illness is not a disease with clear visible symptoms,  it is a behaviour condition and can often be misinterpreted with indiscipline.  I told her, I am his mother, and I know my son. I know, that Abang is slightly different.

I went home with a bitter after-taste. This episode actually made me learnt that I cannot share my son’s condition to people who are not close to me. They do not know what I go through as Abang’s mother.  
Some will think Abang is the sweetest boy. Some will say I am being dramatic. Not many people believe in ADHD. 

I see his struggle, his failures, his weaknesses.  I also see his efforts, his soft side and his victories.
I went through the tiring and cold clinic appointments, the school discussions and the therapies.
I went through being lost and not understanding why Abang is unlike other boys when they are together.  

Looking back,  what I have gone through only made me stronger. It teaches me that life is not a bed of roses, just as how ideal we would love it to be.

I never wanted to label my son with ADHD. I pray EVERYDAY that he will SUCCEED one day and ADHD eventually leaves his body.
I don’t find it funny that my son was diagnosed with this condition either.  Sad, that some people can think that I self diagnosed my son.

All I am hoping is people do not judge and give their own opinions when it is not called for. 
It is not easy in the first place for me and my son to go through this phase in our life, and topped with unwanted comments, will only makes things worse.
But with the grace, of GOD, I am happy to say, asides from all this unwanted comments, we are embracing life challenges and coping.