~ Breathless

Sitting here, looking at my laptop...
I realised I have been feeling this way for a while now. 

My chest feels heavy, my brain feels tired as though I lack sleep
and I feel breathless.
Had a few black outs although quick like 1-2 seconds of it for the past few weeks. The ground sometimes moves and I have to stop my track for awhile.

Yesterday, after Break Fast, I went to see Dr Chung.
For one, I have low blood. All this while, my blood was normal. 
This is rather surprising cos I do eat red meat, so to have low blood seems quite strange to me.
and the DR said I need to rest and try not to be stressed. 
I am fine really. I am not stressed. I have learnt to accept things as it is enough to not cry out loud...

I really don't know how to tell the DR that I am quite privileged to have a helper at my beck and call. I am just tired with work mostly ...of which, today I felt really unappreciated by boss comments. 
It seems 1 tiny mistake can make her forget what effort I have put in my job...or maybe am just being sensitive.  

Well as long as God knows how serious I take my job. Its fine. Life is full of happiness and disappointments. 

For now, i need to stay healthy. My kids need me. 

a thought that ran pass my mind too....

"Ya Allah....bila tiba masanya aku berdepan dengan dia, engkau Tabah kan lah diriku, dan mudah kan lah Aku terimanya dengan seIkhlas hati ku."