~ My Dear Adik..

My dear Adik has been down with fever almost every 2 weeks now and I am getting worried. 
Truly worried. 
She started having fever during fasting month, than got better...
We found that she grew her 1st adult tooth. Could it be due to that?

Than she went down with Fever again after a few days. 

Dr Chung gave her Klacid Anti-Biotics which she hates by the way. 
A  week later, again, fever. Very high fever.
and now Its her 4th bout of fever.
Adik used to be so healthy. Its so rare that she gets fever.

The saddest part is Ummi have to work today as helpdesk is short-handed and Bibik has been tasked to bring adik to the DR. ( I HATE BEING A FULL TIME WORKING MOTHER HOKAY....)

Luckily, Tok and Nani will send them to the clinic...ALHAMDULLILAH FOR FAMILY.

When Adik was down with fever last 2 weeks, she told me, that she would leave me and will go and meet Rasullulah (saw) and Allah (swt)... and the Angels.
I pulled her body to me and hugged her so that she would not see the tears that had built up. 
I cannot bear to lose this precious girl. Masya'ALLAH......
She is polite, thoughtful, loving, smart....I can go on and on.... 
She is my Everything. Masya'ALLAH......

Ummi Loves u Adik. 
You are a precious gift to Ummi and Abah.
Allah IS being fair to give Abang and You to Ummi and Abah.
You are the opposite of Abang. 
You are our Hope Adik. 

Get Well Soon sayang.