Alhamdullilah, I am too lost for words actually.

This year has been meaningful amidst the sadness that is in my heart. I was given much opportunity to visit my favorite mosque during lunch hour as I was onsite on most of the Ramadhan days. 
I managed to pray Zuhr at Masjid Maulana (Raffles Place), Masjid Omar Kampung Melaka (Chinatown) and Maqam Habib Nuh (Shenton way). 

I made lots of dua while I was at the Maqam, It is still my favourite place to run to when I feel down or heavy-hearted.
Alhamdulilah, Habib Taha, the maqam's caretaker made dua for me and he patted my head, like a father to his daughter. Blessed Insya'Allah.  

I was also tested to a point it made me speechless on how hypocritical human beings can be especially on Facebook. 
I consulted my friend bro K who reminded me to be in continuous Zikr and not to care of what humans think. It is what Allah thinks of me that matters.

Everyone experience sadness, we just have to be tenacious and remember the main goal in life, which is to be a good Muslim and to enter Jannah in the hereafter. 
We also make lots of dua...that the sadness will turn into happiness one day. It will. I believe, Allah is with those who are broken hearted for his sake. 
The sadness that we face, is also nothing compared to what others face.