The Journey - Ramadhan 2015

Abang during Sahoor 

Alhamdullilah, Abang and Adik have started fasting this year #Ramadhan2015.
I was hoping that Abang would begin to understand what Ramadhan means and that fasting was one of the 5 pillars in Islam. 

Well done are my sahoor companion. You would always be at the dining table first before Ummi.
The picture above was just one of those days where you are were too sleepy to eat rice, else you had a big appetite during sahoor. Although you broke your fast on some days at school due to PE, Ummi is happy with your progress since you did not manage to fast at all last year. 

Adik, you were more determined. During school days, you woke up for sahoor, only drank MILO, but still fasted through the day. You would call Ummi and tell me you are thirsty. But when Ummi told you to drink a cup of MILO, you said "Its ok Ummi. I will just sleep and wake up when its time to Break fast."

Alhamdullilah.... lets take baby steps towards Taqwa my children.