~ Appreciation , Affection and Attention ....

Why is the woman’s heart so soft?
Why is my heart so soft?
Allah is the controller of hearts, and he has made my heart soft.

Hubby is seriously considering a career move and with that we may have to relocate.
Meantime, he will do something else, another job.....
It’s a noble job.... and nothing to be ashamed about.
I poured out my feelings again to him...on our way back from Habib Ali’s Halaqah.

Dear Men out there.....
give your wife the attention they deserve. Even more if possible. A happy wife, is a Happy you.....

Am I in a mid life crisis? Why am I Always asking for love and affection? I never used to be like this....

I feel so down now. I am always asking for my own time.
I don't like it when Hubby is firm to me. I want him to be loving all the time. I get so sensitive easily.

My typical day seems to be : 
I come home from work, and I have a 6 year old angel clinging on me, telling me her day’s story...and all I want is some SILENCE cos I'm tired.  
~ Read: Adik and her chatty mouth.

I go in my room, close the bathroom door and starts to shower, the same angel  will come in to my bathroom and sit on the Toilet Bowl and watch me shower....She’s happy like that.
Can I just get my own 10 minutes alone time for a hot shower? 
No! I can’t cos she misses me and wants to watch me Bath...yeah...she said that.
If I chase her out of the bathroom, (cos I so need my privacy), she waits for me on my bed.
So she greets me again as I step out of my bathroom door and into my bedroom.  “Helllloo Ummi” she Grins.... (Urgggh)

At times the 9 year old (Abang) joins in on the bed but I have to chase him out of my room as I need to get change. Then he struts out unwillingly cos he misses me too and wonders why Adik gets to watch Ummi change and not him.  (Urggh again)

I than meet the both of them at our home Musollah for Magrib around 7.30pm and then I am with them till 10pm their sleep time..... In between, there is dinner and homework.

And then, I have my own time till 6am when they wake up.... that too at times, not my alone time cos the hubby comes back and wife duty calls unless I am in deep deep sleep.

5am – awake / 11pm – sleep......
During the weekends, its marketing, cooking, errands, banking, classes, house-work, homework, exercise, family time...
All in all I am surrounded with people who needs my attention....
So who gives me attention?

I know, I have to be thankful that there are people who needs me in their lives....and I am thankful. 

....This is just a thought....

~ true story of a FTWM


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