~ Assumption

You told the kids, that you would bring them out with your friend to watch the Fireworks, as I was going out with my girlfriends for some 'Open House'.

I assumed, it was her. Hmmmmmm.

Suddenly, my heart felt a mix of anger and defensive. They are my kids. They are MINE and not any other women. Of cos, they are yours too. But More Mine. 
I thought I am ready. If ever, Polygamy was to come to me; I would accept it with Ikhlas
So why was I defensive? Like a Mother Lion protecting her cubs.

Later, I overheard you said you would bring the kids out with Zain & Family cos Zain mentioned earlier that he wanted to catch the fireworks at ECP or something...... Ahhh....so I had assumed. 

At least I got a taste of what it feels like. 

And honestly, Its not easy at all.....