~ Dear Kids...

Abang and Adik in 2008

Dear Kids,
You might read Ummi’s blog one day. Maybe this blog might be my legacy to the both of you. Maybe you will miss me and want to read my postings.

Well, Ummi enjoy writing. How I wish I can be an author like Daniel Steel and Nora Roberts. They are my favorite authors.
This blog is a spin off from Ummi’s first blog where I wrote mostly on my spiritual journey and “Little Habib” (Abang).
This particular blog is more on your growing up days and also Ummi’s own musings.

Hey do you both know that you like to call me around 5.30pm to ask for Macdonald’s? Eventhough Bibik already cooked?

Yes.... Adik always order Fillet O’Fish meal with Ice Milo and Curry Sauce
while Abang prefers Grill Chicken Wrap meal with Ice Milo and Curry Sauce. 
There are some days when Ummi is short of spending money (especially month’s end), But I always make Niat that I am buying you kids these meals for the sake of Allah.
Ummi hope Allah will bless our Rezeki even more.  Insya’Allah

Yesterday Ummi was so tired from work, but Adik had Algorithm homework while Abang had Fractions. Do you know that Ummi felt stressed that I cannot give both of your enough attention as both of you needed my help?
Luckily Abah saw how stress I was and helped Abang with the fractions. Abang at Primary 3, still cannot do homework independently.
Luckily, Abah came home early last night.
I guess this seems to be a typical week day night....we usually end Homework by 9.45pm latest, only than Ummi can get my own time, which is to pray Isyak, read and then sleep.

No matter what our future brings, we will go through our journey together.

Ummi enjoy spending time with the both of you. Seriously both of you give me alot of happiness despite all the challenges.
No matter how little time I spend with the both of you, I always try my best to be in touch with your teachers and school work. 

Ummi have so much hope for the both of you and as long as I am alive, insya’Allah I will pray for both your success in this world and hereafter....