~ The Journey - Cikgu H

Dear Son, 

Today, Ummi did the unthinkable.
Ummi went to your school and made a formal complaint on Cikgu H.
I spoke to your VP and there will be another follow up session with the Cikgu as well.
Ive always wanted to lie low, worked closely with the school...so I’m kinda surprised myself , that I eventually went.

You didn’t want me to go to school, but I knew she was treating you badly for too long, since last year, and I couldn’t let it continue.
Ummi has always sided the Cikgu or any of your teachers.

Ummi had always told you to respect the teachers and you were in the wrong that’s why you were scolded.
Ummi always wanted you to know that life was not easy and you won’t be protected as often as you would like....

But yesterday, when Cikgu called you a LIAR for not handing in Unit 9 worksheet, suddenly the lioness in me woke up.
She called you a Liar after I texted her that I did not see Unit 9 in the file. I told her I could not find it a home. So was she calling me a liar as well, after I have done my best working hand in hand with her to ensure all your homework and assignments were done?

Yes, I felt hurt. But above all, I was reminded of those times, when she yank your collar, pulled your arms, throw your Malay file at you, made you stand in front of the classroom sticking out your tongue because you had a habit if sticking out your tongue when being scolded. 
I remember, you told me that you felt Malu.
I know son, that you didn’t mean to tease her when you stick out your tongue. It was your way of reacting when you’re are scared.
When I texted Cikgu to apologise on your behalf and that I can assure her you were not making fun of her, not once did she felt she had wronged you.

I swear I will protect my children from any mis-treatment.
Or any other children for that matter as I have confirmed that this kind of treatment does not only happen to you but other students in the Malay class as well.

Part of me understands, it’s a challenge to teach you.
But I must say, your best subject is Malay..and if you are feeling inferior and have low confidence due to this Cikgu, I feel it is not fair.

Not all students are born Perfect. Some are late bloomers. Some need more encouragement.

I will stick by you, son and I pray, things will get better for you.

~To Be Continued.

Love XoXo