~ The Journey...the Meeting with Cikgu H

I went alone, as expected ..to meet the HOD and Cikgu. 

I didn't know how to react, so did the Cikgu. It was kind of awkward at first, but as soon as I started talking, I realized I could really talk. 

The bottled up frustrations spilled out, yet there was one thing that surprised me. I actually wanted to give Cikgu a chance to explain and I wanted to ease the process as much as I could. 
I guess the softness in me still run deep, and I wanted to see her point just as much as I wanted her to see my point.
Call me soft, its OK. Today could be her day, one day, it could be mine. I never want anyone to make me intimidated, so I guess its better to be kind.

Alhamdullilah every point was put across, sorry and sincere apology was asked. I accepted. 

At the end of the meeting, Cikgu eyes filled with tears and I knew she might have been frustrated in the whole matter. Maybe disappointed that she didn't handled things better till it got escalated. 
The both of us promised that we would take each other's concerns more seriously next time and the very nice HOD, too assured me that she would play a more proactive role to check on Abang and send me feedbacks if necessary. 
I guess the school do take things seriously when it comes to such feedbacks.
For now the matter is close. 

As for Me, "Ummi"...the super women....I wonder why Allah give me this challenge....
Small for some, but when you go through it alone, its feels like a huge thing. 

To be positive, maybe Allah is making me stronger, and telling me that I don't need to depend on anyone but Allah s.w.t
Maybe, this is the only test and challenge my soul can take. 
Maybe I made some mistakes in my past, that I need learn what Patience mean. 

Whatever it is, its better to think Good of God than to be bitter. 

Alhamdullilah, I feel fine. Redha. 

My dua is for both Abang and Adik to do well Fi Duniya Wal Akhira..... Insya'Allah...Aameen. 

"Robbi Yasir wala tu'asir Robbi tamim bil khoir"

"Ya Allah mudahkanlah urusan kami dan kami mohon jangan dipersulit.

Ya Allah kami mohon berada dalam kebaikan dariMU,