~ Wisdom Tooth

And so this will be another first for me.
Wisdom tooth extraction next Friday Insya'Allah....

Went to see my dentist, Dr Rudy at Bedok, T32 just now. 
My top left Molar was hurting, but the pain comes and goes. 
Had to do an X-ray, and I found out that my Top Left wisdom tooth was erupting and it was erupting in the direction of the molar. 
Thus, the 'comes and go' pain when it tooth erupts. It was pushing the molar giving me a sort of throbbing itchy pain.

Dr Rudy recommended that we do an op under local anesthetic soonest to take out the Top wisdom tooth.

Truth is, I am scared of  the pain, injections and blood, but seems that in order to be Wise, one will have to first undergo wisdom tooth extraction...haha...well, thats a joke, I thought to myself.  

Dr Rudy wanted to do the Op straight away. It will cost around $650 which can be paid all through Medisave except for GST. 
Since I will be going for a big dinner this coming Monday, I opted for it to be done a few days later instead. 

I really don't know how its going to be like and how am I going to cope with the pain, but I know Dr Rudy is an experienced and kind Dentist and I've known him for more than 10 years so Insya'Allah..