~ The day I took out my Wisdom Tooth

Alhamdullilah...Its Overrrrr....

I brought the kids to Sentosa with my friend in the morning, and in between, managed to settle my Bibik's flight and airport stuff. 
By 4.15pm, I was sitting in the dental clinic when Dr R called me in.
"Are you ready?" he said.... 
"Hmmmmm"...... was my unsure responds to him. 

After 4 injections  to numb my gums and abit of my lips, Dr R started to cut my upper back gums. When he said " Pass me Blade 12", my heart skipped a beat. Blade? 
Seriously It was so scary, and I was picturing him cutting my gums in my mind. I tried to divert to happy thoughts and I pictured my kids jumping off the boat in the warm waters of Gili. 
That was a good happy memory. 
Still it wasn't enough. My mind kept thinking back of what Dr R was doing to my gums every time there was a blood spurt.....
I tried to think of something better and the holy Kaabah came to mind. I was doing my Tawaf. Ahhh That's a good memory. 
So I was doing my Tawaf when Dr R was tugging, pulling, wrestling and even Drilling my stubborn wisdom tooth. The sound and pressure of the drill truly scared me and I flinched abit. 
Alhamdullilah, Dr R was patient, caring and a dentist with Experience. Somehow I knew i was in Good hands and I kept on making zikir in my heart. 

The minute hubby came in to the dental room, Dr R managed to pull out my wisdom tooth. Its out!! "Wah....thank you H. You brought blessings." Dr R laughed and reached out his hand to salam my Hubby. 

Then he stitched up the cut....and told me I was scared but steady. 

So last night was horrible as the numbness and anesthesia went off.  The kids were at my mum's. 
Hubby and I were alone at home. I took 2 painkiller and the rest was history. I managed to fall asleep with the tears in my eyes. The pain was too painful, and the cheeks swelled so much. I kept punching my pillow cos the throbbing pain was punching my gums. I didn't eat anything for dinner; just cold Milo. 
Hubby had to go to the pharmacy to buy more gauze as the ones I had were all soaked with blood.

So this experience made me wiser. A first. 

5 days MC yet I have an important course in the office on Monday. Gahhhh.... Hope my gums heal soon. Insya'Allah. 


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