~ Dear Abang and Adik...

Dear Abang and Adik, 

Today, Ummi was on MC. Remember my swollen cheeks? It hurt quite bad. 

After all the housework and some homework was done, 
We went to eat lunch out today. 
I love it that I get to spend so much time with the 2 of you. Just us. 
We'd talk about silly things as well as serious things...

Then, we went to watch a movie today ~ InsideOut.
It was the 3 of us with Aunty Aha and Fawzan.
Cool Movie about our emotions. 

Ummi don't really tell the both of you how I feel. 
I do not think both of you will understand. 

I feel scared about the challenges ahead. 
Abah is thinking of selling the car. We'd start taking the bus again. This will make us humble.
Id cry for sure. I love our Md Fit. 
The both of you are born with a car ready to drive you around. 
Can the both of you adjust to our new lifestyle?

ALLAH is the controller of all things..... #Tawakkal. 

I remember our old neighbor Cikgu Yusof.  He has a humble blessed family. They don't have a car. Every morning slightly before Subuh, Ummi would see him walking to Masjid Ansar. 
Masya'Allah he and his family are well respected people in our community... 

Nothing in this world belongs to us. 
Ummi is scared. Uncertain. 
One moment migrate...another moment study....
I seriously don't know Abah's stress actually. But I'm sure he is stress. 

Tawakkal sangat sangat. 
Amidst all this....I try to do as much good deeds as I can. Whenever Habib Ali Zainal Abidin is in Singapore, I'd go listen to the lectures. I feel comfortable with Habib Ali's style...reminds me of AlMarhum Ustaz Abdillah (Abah and Ummi's late teacher)  
..soft yet firm in his approach. 

Ummi's main aim is to concentrate on our family now.
To ensure both of you are brought up well as a good Muslim with Taqwa in our hearts. 

With Love