~ Helper or HelperLess

Since I am HelperLess for the first time in 8 years, 

My face is Swollen and Oily. Tak Cantik lah. 


I pretty much do everything here, unless I tell the kids or DH to help me. 
Sometimes I feel, am I the Official mug washer or the tissue thrower?
Mugs are everywhere...from the dining table to the dressing table.
Cant it be place in the sink at least?

The kids have been helpful actually. They make their own bed, bath and get dress on their own. But they still need me to prepare their clothes, their meals and pretty much everything else. They  help me to trow the rubbish out at night. 

DH, he sleeps and prays, buys the groceries and makes his own cup of Milo.  

I wash, irons, cleans, puts back everything into place, sweeps, mop, vacuum, prepares our bags when we are going out, draws the curtains, pulls down the blinds, closes the windows, ensuring the switches are off, the terrapin pool is cleaned up, the terrapin fed, the cabinets wiped, the sink cleaned and scrub, the toilets cleaned and scrub, the tables cleaned and wiped the bottles washed, the homework gets done etc etc ........
Are'nt we all Superwomen??? 
I wished I had iron man with me.....
IRON MAN...where are you when I need you.....

But the one thing on my mind is I feel closer to DH than ever....
cos I feel vulnerable and at times scared. 
I want him home and need him to be around. When the helper was around, I would normally do my own work and take care of the kids, knowing someone was at my call if I ever needed help.
But with her not around, the only person I feel could be there for me apart from my mum, is DH. 
DH also tries to be around more to ensure this swollen face mother is feeling safe. Alhamdullilah....

Could be a blessing. Tired. On MC.....
Till then, Im praying Bibik comes home soon..... end of the week maybe.