~ Mak

The elections weekend are over. 

One memory that stuck to me......was how glad I am to be able to bring Mak out to vote and we had Chendol at Changi Village after that.

Alhamdullilah, we drove Mak to vote at Yumin Primary school near her block.

While she was in good spirits, my heart broke seeing her being pushed in a wheelchair by the elections staff.
Last 5 years, mum could walk. She walked next to Daddy to vote.
This year, 2015, she came with me, in a wheelchair, while Daddy went to vote with his other wife. 

I spoke to my Bro K today. I told him how mum would be going for an Operation next month and how she had suffered a hard childhood and now living sadly during her old age. 

Everyone has a story to tell...

Mak was born in a rich Angullia family in 1954. 

I could not stop crying while recounting how Mak was given away to a Malay family. Although Nyang, the old lady loved her so much, she was abused by some members of the family. She had to do housework and slept in the kitchen with Nyang on a wooden bed with only a Tikar. Mak used to spend her time sitting alone at the graveyards of Masjid Kampung Wak Tanjong. She used to talked to the 'Ahli Kubur.' telling them she wanted an easy life and asked them to pray for her. 
The kampung folks used to think Mak was blind as Mak had green eyes. She used to get the front of the queue when she lined up for porridge during Ramadhan....

"Tepi sikit...Budak buta datang...kesian dia"..... 

During those times, no one heard or knew of contact lens. Mak has naturally coloured greyish green eyes. 

Mak stopped schooling at 14, worked in factories mostly and lost the loving old lady when Mak was 17 years old. She also lost her own mother around that age. At her young age, she didn't care much about her real mother, but was heart-broken at losing Nyang. 
Alhamdullilah, Mak had some good caring friends while working for Rolie and they became her solace. 

She had a special relationship with a man named Charlie. He was her first love. 
Charlie loved Mak genuinely and cared so much for her. He wanted to marry Mak and was prepared to convert to Islam when his family opposed of his decision. 
The relationship broke and till now, I do not know where is the Charming Uncle Charlie Mak used to tell us about...

Mak's marriage was arranged and she married Daddy at the age of 24. Daddy was a sailor. Soon after the marriage, Daddy got a job with PSA as a Pilot and mum lead a comfortable life, bearing 4 healthy and active children. Mak was happy and we lived in landed place and had a car and a maid. Life was good. Alhamdullilah. Mak was the best understanding mother, loving all her kids equally.
Mak learnt how to read the Quran with Tajwid, did her Hajj and was a pious lady taking of the family well with her cooking and love for cleaning and decorating the house. She could not sew though.....

When Mak was around 55, 6 years ago, she discovered some of daddy's ugly secrets and things got out of hand. Daddy divorced Mak and married her good friend. Things fell part and we all split from daddy. Daddy just left. 

Mak fell really ill, losing both her kidneys. Things were tough for all of us. No father and an illness we were new with. 
I was walking around SGH, alone... room to room....meetings after meetings to help mak with her new illness. 
We had to apply for NKF subsidy and hold the tides together us 4 siblings. Alhamdullilah, we all coped and became stronger. We saw what we only see in dramas. 

As for Mak, She coped. but I don't think she will ever get over this heart break. 
She seems strong, but only Allah knows how she feels when she is alone. I keep reminding Mak, that illness is Kafarah. I keep telling her to hold on to Allah, to pray and read the Quran.
I keep praying Mak gets Khusnul Khotimah. 

Biarlah kematian menjadi tempat rehat Mak dari kepahitan duniya ini....Biarlah Mak rehat dengan sebaiknya apabila ajal bertemu kelak. 

I LOVE YOU MAK....no words could ever express my love for you. 

Bro K, reminded me to increase my zikir. It will help my mother. Insya'Allah..... 
I will.....

Mother's love...the next closest to ALLAH love...never expecting anything in return. that is true Ikhlas.