~ Subtle Changes....

Last night, I was awoken by your touch on my arms.
Oh you're back..the thought ran through my mind.....
You gave me 2 tender kisses on my cheeks. 
I was puzzled, but you told me to go back to sleep.
You seem down. 
I could tell.

This morning you rushed down and join me in sending the kids to the bus.
Abang was puzzled why you came down. 
Never had you sent them down to the bus.
That meant alot to me and also the kids.

It hurts me to see you needing us. 
Now, we get to see you eating dinner at home.
Its weird, I should be happy right...
Happy yes, but confused too. 
If I could ask for anything, I just want you to be happy.
Maybe the happiness that ALLAH has for you was not the sort you are chasing for.
Maybe we are meant to be together, sharing your happiness.

My love for you never went away.
Maybe I had kept it safely in the corner of my heart.
For awhile, I had felt as if it was taken for granted
I tried to make you see, that I needed your attention
But you were too busy and perhaps thought everything you had provided was sufficient.
Little did you know, you had me broken
Going about our busy lives with our memories forsaken.

Time stood still. 
I came back though for awhile, I had left.