~ Blessings in every fall....

Today is Dear Hubby last week with current job.
Mood is melancholic of course, but I have been telling hubby that new and better things awaits.

I am looking forward to a free Thursday night, now that he do not have anymore concalls on Thurs night, at least we can go to masjid Ba’alwie whenever Friday is a PH. Insya’Allah.

There is always a blessing towards any failure or fall.

The kids are oblivious. They know Abah will leave O.... and they know Abah have not found another job yet , but they don’t understand that finance will be a little tight until Abah finds another job. The kids don’t know the discussions that Ummi and Abah have every morning and every night.

Through all this, I am thankful, Abah still can smile and became close to all of us like before.  Eventhough Abah has lots of ideas, on what he wants to do, I am sure his heart will only be ease once he has secured something stable and firm. I know, he is worried. I can see an increase in his Jemaah prayers at the mosque and reading of religious text.  I love hearing Abah sing qashidahs. Brings back lots of memories.

Initially, I am apprehensive that I might have to take over some bills but when I think of how Abah have spent on us for the past 10 years, I know, its only right that me as a wife, will help without any calculations.

I am openly glad that the “Migration to the Gulf” ideas have been shut off,  and Abah have turned down the marine job (which requires a shift of 10 days in open sea). Shift Jobs at Tuas and JI is also not in the agenda anymore.

Alhamdullilah, despite many rejections last month, this month brings many approvals. We also see some people who don’t know us, come forward to help with Job referrals and character recommendations when they heard of the news from others. Some ‘strangers’ even go as far as calling Abah and getting their contacts to call Abah for a Job Interviews.  So touched by their kindness....

Some of Abah’s  friends also regularly meet him for kopi and blanja him meals so tat at least, he would not fall into depression. Thank you Ashik and Roslan etc etc.

I hope Abah can make the right choice before signing and hopefully, our lives will be back to normal as well as be blessed with more Barakah.... Ameen.

I am happy when he is happy. That has been me before.  Alhamdullilah, I am glad the old me is back ...I guess..
And I want nothing but blessings and happiness for Abah and all my love ones.