~ The Healing Heart...

Had the chance to volunteer for an event last Saturday Night...as an usher...

I am certain, I should just stick to being an attendee instead as I need to hear the talks rather than be a Volunteer. At this point of my life, I feel, I am more in need to listen to the speakers, take notes and learn.

Nonetheless, It went OK....Alhamdullillah..an opportunity to help the community. 

The talk was awesome...by my favorite speaker...Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Frederick at Max Atria....

This Shaykh....he is too humble. He does not like to be called Shaykh and he would rather play with children as that is his current job now. 
But his Ilmu is just too deep and he is the epitome of humbleness....

The topic of the night was 'The Healing Heart'....
Shaykh Abdul Aziz spoke about depression...Its a type of mental illness, how real this illness is, and how to overcome it. 

I personally believe, I have been hit my depression, especially after my son, Abang was diagnosed with ADHD. 

Alhamdullilah, I have been holding on to Islam and its teachings, enough not to make me lose my mind. 
Alhamdullilah, I have ALLAH s.w.t with me even though, many people don't believe in what my son is facing. I often remind myself that what I am facing could be worse....It could be Autism or Cerebral Palsy or Down Syndrome, and that could have been much worse. 

To fight my depression, I always remember that Duniya is temporary and if no one notice my efforts, most certainly ALLAH does. 

Excepts that I managed to remember from the talk:

And ALLAH knows better and you don't know a thing...
When you submit to ALLAH's will, it means you have a healthy heart. 
If you can't, it means you do not have a healthy heart. 

A healthy heart can save you on Judgement Day...
A healthy heart is free of Syirik and Syak wa sangka...

Always zikir:

Laa Hawla wa Laa Quwwata illaa Bi-llaah

No power nor might except from Allah

This is a Zikir...that our Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Upon Him) taught us. 
It is a medicine to fight Depression...
Understand that only ALLAH can get you out of it...out of the problem. 

To measure if you have a Healthy heart, check if you always speak of good things...if you don't, means your heart is not healthy.... 
(At this point, I felt so guilty because I often say things to hurt my hubby. When I am frustrated, I will say things to hurt him...even though to me, what I say is true, I know it hurts him... 
I am trying to be patient and keep my anger to myself now.)

Shaykh reminded us to zikir:

Ya Latifan bi khalqihi ya `Aliman bi khalqihi ya Khabiran bi khalqihi ultuf bina ya Latifu ya `Alimu ya Khabiru

O One Who is gentle with His creation, O One who has complete knowledge of His creation, O One who has complete awareness of His creation! Treat us with gentleness O Gentle, O All-Knowing, O All-Aware!

With difficulty comes ease....1 ease in Duniya and 1 ease will be in Akhirah...
All test in life is actually gifts....
People need to have Positive Thoughts...Good Clean Thoughts....One of the ways to have Positive thoughts is to think about the gifts you got for the day before you sleep.... eg: Good Clean Air to breath....

Another Spiritual medicine for the heart: 
"La ilaha illallah" is translated as
 There is no GOD but ALLAH.

There should be NOTHING else in your heart except ALLAH. 

How does one get out of depression?
Depression is an illness. It does not really go away. 
It goes through phases...It cannot be cured but it will come and go. 
You just have to manage it...Understand what it is, get HELP. 

Remember when you take a pill, it is not the pill that cure you, but its ALLAH that cures you. If you take the pill, and it does not work, it means it is in ALLAH's plans. 

Do Solat istighara in making decisions. Ask ALLAH for signs when facing a difficult decision...
Eg if your job is making you depress, that pray istighara and ask ALLAH to make it good. Make it easy. If it is not good, that take it away from you, and make you ok with it. 

(this advise is very useful for me as I am thinking if I should just leave my job and look for something less stressful and maybe something part-time.)

These advise above really benefit me. 

Truly thankful to the team who brought the Shaykh in and also to make it a free event so that many people can come and contribute Ikhlas to what they can afford.