~ The Journey...Study time

Study time during exam season are the hardest and most stressful. 

Not only do we have alot of topics to cover, but to see Abang struggling with the past topics really makes me sad. 

Abang can pass well for English and Malay but his Maths and Science are terrible. I had hoped that Abang would do well for Science but it seems his grasps for this subject is very basic. 
Ummi always shout at Abang....cos I know he can do better but refuse to concentrate....

Hubby keeps telling me to let him grow at his own pace but I always felt that if I didn't push him, he will not get any better. I pity Abang and really wonder what his future will be like. Abang does not know the importance of good education yet. 

Adik on the hand, can do better that what she is achieving now. Unfortunately, I often leave her on her own to study as I am monitoring and guiding Abang. 
I feel terrible for neglecting Adik. That is what I am trying to stop "Facebook time and going out time" to concentrate on Dear Adik in her studies. 

My time now is divided into work, exercise, kids and hubby, Quran-reading and sleep. For now, that's the best for me. 
I try to avoid thinking of what makes me sad. I fight the urge to drop down and cry.
I prefer to make alot of dua so that whatever happens, I know, ALLAH had planned the best for me.

Work has been horrendously busy, but I must remind myself that I GOT through the day, thus I can go through it again. 
At times, I do feel like crying...I find that only me and a handful is putting in effort. But does the company notice my silent efforts? I am not a 'Loud worker' but I do my best in my task....

Seriously, is this life? Is this what I am suppose to do in life? 
I am thinking if I should just move on.....
Do something that has  more meaning....

Came home today and found a note on my TV top. It made me smile...
.... Adik had given me 90cents for spending money...Masya'Allah....made all my tiredness go away. This girl ah.... so Manja...

Adik, you so Manja you know...Ummi love you sayang..