~ Sick

This was me today at the clinic....... 
must have partied too hard last Friday night, like I was 17....
went down with Flu and Fever on Saturday and naturally, Ms Asthma came to visit as well. On MC today.
it could very well be the haze, but it is also a reminder that I am not getting any younger...I must restrain myself from partying like I did last Friday night during the company's DnD. 

It was like a rock concert.....

The kids are having their exams this week. Made doa for them. English and Malay subjects are their strength. Just hope they are not careless especially Abang. 

I am tired. The asthma is causing my breathing to be very difficult. I wonder if I can make it for this Sunday's 5km run? or do I have to cancel it again. 

I am immersed in this book called ~ Hostage. " A year at Gunpoint with Somali's Gangsters". It is a true account about a couple Rachael and Paul Chandler who was held hostage when Somali Pirates hijacked their boat "Lynn Rival". They were help captive for about a year in the Somalian Jungles, at times separated from each other.... I am ashamed that these gangsters are Muslims yet not practicing. 

Suddenly I am worried for our boat trip this December.