The Journey ~ Class Monitor

Somehow, it was a pleasant surprise when Abang told me he was made class monitor. 
It seemed almost impossible since Abang not only is an average student, but also a playful one. 

Ummi had as usual, encouraged Abang and was happy for Abang, but deep down my heart, I had felt that his form teacher could have chosen him just to motivate him that he can achieve success.

Than at night, Abangs teacher Mdm Diyanah sent me a WatsApps and asper the message, she informed Ummi that Abang had put in effort and a little more serious in his studies. Alhamdullilah! Segala pujian hanya untuk Allah swt. 

I'm not sure if he can last as monitor through the term too. God Willing.

At 9 years old, Abang don't really know how to control his emotions, often too happy without worries, needs to be told to solat and still have that little bit of angst that he had when he was a growing toddler. 

Ummi often pray and dream that Abang will suceed and get a degree. Ummi often feel that ALLAH will help those who put in effort. Ummi can imagine that one day Anak Ummi ni yang sangat baik hati, will one day make me proud. The day Abang graduates, Ummi eyes will swell with tears and I will burst crying because my son, its hasn't been an easy journey for us and Success does not come easily. 

There are those who laugh...There are those who condemn. Worse is when they envy. 
Let those who envy and those who look down on us, be with their own feelings. 
There will always be those who love us as well. 

Nothing else matters accept what ALLAH thinks of us, son. Husnul Zhon. 

Ummi Loves You....