~ New Shoes

I told hubby I missed him....It was unplanned. It just blurted out...maybe cos it was sincere.

Since he started work with SXXX, he has been leaving early to fetch a friend, and driving to Bishan. 
He used to send me to work. That little time, we would squeeze in breakfast, and catch up on work stories and the kids. 
I didn't know that this change in routine will have an impact on me but it did. Slowly, I felt as if I missed him....especially in the morning when I am on my way to work, alone...just me and my storybook. 

He bought me new black ballerina shoes over the weekend. It has always been Clarks. 
Its an annual thing at Isetan,Parkway
The shoes are well over a hundred dollars, but hubby always wanted me to wear comfy shoes so that I can walk and not complain of any leg pains. 
He knew it has to be Clarks because of my big feet and Clark shoes cater to women with Big feet and gives it cushion and comfort as well.
He knew that I would rather buy cheap more trendy shoes which cost only about $20 but it will break after only a few times. He had always been against that.
Most of my Clarks have already hit 4 years and above but they are still serving this size 39 lady well.

Come to think of it, hubby may not be my best friend now..well, he used to....but he always have my interest at heart. He shows care in a different way. 
When he found out I wanted to eat Nasi Bukhari, he brought me to the shop 2 days in a row so that I can have my Nasi Bukhari fix. 
I know he loves me despite us disagreeing about many things these days.

No partner is perfect, but the one that stays with you despite the rough seas is a keeper.