~ The Rain...

My heart felt pain and sadness when I read of the passing of the charismatic Johor Prince. 
I cant even imagine the amount of sadness his family felt, let alone his mother's feelings

Our Kids are our amanah. Anytime, they can be taken away.
I love my kids...I enjoy spending time with them. 
When we go out. (usually, its just the 3 of us)  Ummi love to look at your antiques and immerse myself in all our conversations as if , every stories shared was precious.
Ummi want the both of you to have a happy childhood. 

Tonight Ummi allowed the both of you to play in the heavy rain, despite it being only a mere 10 minutes of fun. You laughed and dance.....
People who saw us thought we were weird!
I wished I could join you both! 

I told you both, it was Sunnah to play in the rain. You were both shocked, but relished the moment. 

Do you remember kids? You told me it was the best night ....

Happy moments indeed. 


Husain n Co. said…
Somehow I feel a spark of happiness reading this post Shahnaz :)
Ummi Sha said…
hhehehe Kak Sri...yes multi spark...: )