~ Sick weekend......

It' has been awhile since the both of you got sick together....
This time, its rather bad.
Both fever temperature went up till 40degrees...
Initially Ummi felt that it was just normal fever. 
But when the both of you lost your appetite and stayed in bed the whole Sunday, dozing in and out of sleep while your bodies felt hot as the mid day sun, I got worried. 
The house went quiet as I sat by your beds, occasionally reading the Quran.
Sponging endlessly and changing the cold towel which as gone warm from your body heat. 

Adik could not eat. Abang ate chicken and prawn porridge. 

Both vomitted. 

Ummi drove to Pasir Ris Mcdonald's drive thru to buy you some fish burger. At least you could probably eat that, Adik....
At the same time, the highway drive was invigorating for my tired soul after the morning fight with Abah. I'm sorry kiddos. I know the both of you hated it.
I slammed the accelerator and wanted to go as fast as I could. Alas, I managed to calm myself, and thought I didn't wanna lose the both of you, I didn't wanna end up doing anything stupid. 

I love you both. Don't leave Ummi okay. 

Both on MC...2 days.... 

I read Surah yasin ayat 58 ` 33xs and blew it in the water for both of you to drink.
Advise from someone dear. 

remember, you read Bismillah and willingly drank the water? Good Children, InsyaAllah.

Anyway, Abah cares...he does....for the both of you.....Bibik said, he spent a long time looking at the both of you before leaving for work.