A Poem for Adik

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There is this little girl, whose has a face so adorable, 
with curly locks and oh so reliable
She came to our lives bringing lots of joy with her, 
very sweet and loving, and such a dear

The little sister who acts likes an older
I would look for her if I ever need a shoulder
she warms our hearts when days gets colder
But many at times, her stubbornness  makes us scold her
she has a mind of her own, and often her tantrums are full blown
and would run into her room to be cry and be alone. 
She would either sulk or cry loudly, I swear
I'd just ignore her like I don't care...

Most days, I could pinch her nose and squeeze her tight
and she would allow me to, without a fight
She loves to sleep in the middle of our bed and always like to giggle 
when Abah hugs Ummi, she would join in too, our little girl 

She is Abah's friend, when he drinks his Teh
Ummi always feels left out lah wei...
Your request for Coffeebean and Tiramisu
is why Abah and Ummi always love you

I cannot imagine life without her, 
How will she grow up to be? I often wonder,
Who would she marry, a handsome pious man or migrate to a faraway land? 
Her dream is to be a dentist, I know she can. 
Whatever happens, I will hold your hand.

Ummi Pray for Adik, to be happy and wise amongst the few
You know you are my best friend, whenever I'm blue
To be a Solehah and a kind passionate soul
to reach Jannah would be our ultimate goal