~ Alhamdullilah its Friday

Feeling thankful its Friday

Ummi is feeling thankful, despite all the worries and uncertainties .....yesterday night got to solat malam, after some good deed done...
Life is full of uncertainties... 
sometimes, the best thing to do is effort,prayers and Tawakkal

Too tired that after Abang's reflections homework, I slept early...but glad, I got up in the middle of the night to pray Isyak and than solat Sunat Hajat. 
I try not to focus on being worried but rather, I just want to tawakkal to Allah swt and let HIM plan the best for me. He knows my stregth and weakness more than I know. HE knows whats in my heart...what are my thoughts...and how I feel and what I pray for. 
What is beyond my control, I decided to let go. 

Tomorrow is the night of Nisfu Syaaban (where our report books go up) sighh, how did I do this year?
....another blessed night..most likely we will be at our favourite masjid....Masjid Abdul Razak of course....
I hope the kids can benefit from such majlis. Hope it softens their hearts. Ameen. 

Abang's reflection to his teacher and in his own words,

1. I will improve my English by reading more story books. 
2. I will pay more attention in class. 

1. I know my behavior is bad. I will try to improve my handwriting and pay attention. 
2. I will not laugh, talk, shout and make funny noise, Mrs Yao. 

Meeting Deadlines
1. I will try to hand my work on time. 
2. I will get my parents to sign my work on time. 

Ummi is thankful, Abang wrote these reflections and I hope Abang can do better in the next half of the year.