The Journey ~ A poem for Abang

He hardly listens, and does things his way
Playful and active, he loves to play games all day
Wanting to cycle, to school, much to his Ummi's dismay
Dont grow up too fast, at times I pray...
Without you Abang, my world would definitely be Grey.

You may not be my pride, but you are definitely my joy
You are not stupid, believe in yourself my boy
You came to me each time, I gave you a hug
you tears flow, and you face all smug...

Believe in yourself, you are you own destiny
Change and work hard so you wont end up in agony
remove all the bad sins from jealousy to gluttony
remind yourself always of the All Mighty

Yes it does matter to gain his love and happiness
all you have to do is change, behave and try and be pious
Keep trying and always put family first
The world is big my boy, and full of darkness, 

Amidst everything, you have to change first
Don't blame him, you are your best and also your worst
How painful it is to watch you both disagreeing
Indeed, hearts can change , so lets keep trying...