~ Ramadhan 2016 - Day 8

This Ramadhan had turned out into such a beautiful month.... I love Ramadhan....but I don't normally like EID...maybe cos I get easily tired during Eid.

I brought the kids to the masjid on Fridays/Saturday and Sunday nights for Terawih prayers...

Adik waiting for solat Terawih to start

So far, Abang does 12 rakaats before the qasidah break and will leave to play with his friends after that. 

Adik does Solat Isyak and and a few rakaats of Terawih until she gets tired and she will wait by my side. 

Mak gets to go as well...Alhamdullilah....Nani and Tok and Mamus  goes to the same masjid too so its really a family affair. I'm sure the kids enjoy it seeing family around.

Mak making Dua after solat Terawih

We love Masjid Abdul Razak..basically its a small quaint 'Kampong' like Masjid and everyone is familiar by face to each other....

The kids are a regular jemaah so they are much welcome by the adults despite their activeness....

Playing with Mok the cat

We drove by Geylang Serai to view the lights after Terawih...Beautiful light up this year compared to the boring ones last few years....

Raya Lights at Geylang Serai
Sooo glad my helper is around, so much to do at home, and I'll start baking in the 3rd week maybe when I have some leave..... : )


Hajar Alwi said…
As'salaamualaikum Sis,

Finding it hard to believe half of Ramadhan had gone by. Hope and pray we will get to experience the next one and make it a better one, insha'Allah.
Ummi's Blog said…
Wa'AlaikumSalaam my dear friend. Yes i agree...Ramadhan passed too fast. Lets soak in the blessings of the remaining days. Ameen to your dua.
Hope its been a good month for you as well.
Ummi's Blog said…
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