~ Eid 2016

Have'nt been able to do any blogging since Ramadhan....

Didn't expect that the whole family was gonna fall in ill at the end of Ramadhan

This year, Eid happened to be only lukewarm with us visiting about 10 houses every weekend. We also did not receive much visitors because we were sick all the time....

I must say, this must be one of the most quiet Eid. 

As I am typing this now, I am still nursing one of my worse cough episode in history...Its nearly a month with 2 MCs in the bag. X-Ray results showed my chest is good and no signs of pneumonia or any lung infections.  

Mak making Dua on the night of Shawal

This was with Mak on the night of Shawl 2016 @ Masjid Al Abdul Razak. 
I am so thankful, she got to be at the masjid with me and her cucus that night.....it seems to be a yearly tradition that I bring her to the masjid for takbir.

Thank you Allah for allowing me to spend time with my mother. Ameen.